We're Not in Vermont Anymore, Toto....
So, I loved Albuquerque.... I think I left my lips there though. They pretty much dried up and fell off my face at some point between yesterday afternoon and this morning. Oh, but my sinuses are still here. There no denying them... they are on fire!

You know, I think I will be happy here at Cannon. It's very different. There seems to be a lot of poverty in the surrounding areas, which is sad. And yes, it's WAY brown. But the people here make up for it in friendliness, and they like color. Bright colors! Like me! I saw a pink house... it rocked. And while I would never paint my house pink, I can appreciate the love of color. Even the overpasses have a beautiful bright blue stripe on them.

Okay, on to what you really want to read about...The plane ride.

I know you all want to know how it went. I have good news to report! Amazingly enough the kids did awesome! Eliza never fussed, not even once. Judah had a minor melt down between St. Louis and Albuquerque, but it was way past naptime and the poor kid was completely toasted. And so over the whole seat belt thing. He finally fell asleep. Thank the Lord! Eve did incredible - no complaining from her. She was completely enthralled with riding on a plane - landing was her favorite part. I can't believe they didn't get sick - we went through a whole lot of turbulence. Throw up I do not do. Blood, yes. Vomit, no.

The hardest part was the check-in at the gate. I needed about four more pairs of eyes, and twelve more hands.( I sure would look funny like that!) It would have also helped if I hadn't had a grumpy Southwest Airlines employee checking us in. But I digress.

We spent last night at Kirtland AFB in TLF (temporary living facility). Daniel and I took a long walk in the beautiful night air, talking each other's ear off. We walked around the parade grounds on the track until we met the overachieving sprinklers. Then we ran. And stopped. And ran again.

I might have screamed a few times. Might have.

We got wet. But we laughed and did it again. Because it was fun. And it made me remember being young and newly married, and having a blast together. The carefree part of life seems to be somewhat sparse these days, with the whole kid thing, and you know, huge life changes.

Today was spent at Target ( Oh, how I love you. Come to Clovis, please! Say what?! You need more then twelve people to shop at your store? Awww, shucks.),Costco, and the Whole Foods Market. Three of my favorite stores in the world.

Tomorrow we pick out our new house. Pray for us please. I am feeling a ton of self-induced pressure. Silly me. We have such an amazing amount of choice that it's overwhelming. I am feeling as if I must pick THE right house. But, like Daniel said to me tonight: it all boils down to a bed to sleep on, a roof over our heads, and our family being together. He's so right. He always is.

Kind of makes me mad, but again, I digress.

One more night of being homeless... I guess that means after tomorrow I'll have to start doing dishes again. Bummer.
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