Dessert for Dinner-Take One: Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry shortcake for dinner! Not afterwards for dessert, but for dinner. (And why not? Life should be lived!)

The kids were ecstatic! As well as Daddy.... he told me so.

Strawberries taking a dip in sugar to get the juices flowing...

Sweet biscuits baked with love, cooling...

Cream working itself into a lather...

Put it together and you have Strawberry Shortcake for all. But double for Daddy... because, well, he's Daddy

A certain little boy we all love had an interesting approach to eating tonight...

He does know how to use a fork

But, watching Judah eat like this made me smile, so I never said a word.

Dinner time was concluded with a little Daddy and baby girl dancing.

The perfect ending to a perfect meal.
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