Weight Markers

They are just a simple pair of khakis. Ones that aren't even in style anymore. But they are my "I've reached my normal weight" pants. I know that if I can wear this pair of pants I am there, baby.

I have other markers along the way, like a pair of J Crew jeans. They are my inbetween marker. The one that tells me... you're getting closer! I tried those on the other day just to see. I have an insatiable curiosity.

They totally fit. I proceeded to do my happy dance.

I decided to press the issue. So I tried on my "thin girl" jeans. I knew they weren't going on a thin girl but I had to see how far I still needed to go.

I could button and zip them. It wasn't pretty, and they totally did that pleat thing on the back of my thighs. Uuugly!

Let's just say they didn't enhance my figure.

But, I got them on which is more than I could do a few weeks ago. And I know this because I tried them on even though I knew they wouldn't fit me. It was stupid, but apparently I like to torture myself. Does anyone else do that sort of thing?

I weighed myself today. I've lost 5 more pounds.

Can I hear a Whoo-hoo?!

So, what is the marker for you? Is it a pair of pants, like me. Or a dress, your wedding rings, a swim suit?
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