Grilled Pizza

Last night I made grilled pizza for dinner. And it was good. I have been intrigued by the idea of putting an actual pizza on the grill for awhile now but haven't had the nerve to give it a whirl.
Sundays are a pretty relaxed day for meals here so I decided why not! I made sure I had back-up food in case it was a disaster.
I used ingredients that I had on hand except for the fresh mozzarella. Daniel was going shopping so I had him pick some up. I made sauce, sausage, and cheese for him and the kids and a tomato, pesto, and mozzarella for me. Incredibly delicious!

Can I just take a little detour in this food-themed post to talk abut my husband shopping? Okay... As a woman, when I shop, I come home with what's on the list.... and some other stuff. It's an experience. You know?
When Daniel goes shopping... he comes home with what's on his list. Nothing else. Period. I find that rather intriguing. And hard to grasp. It must be that one track mind thing men have. Or at least my man has.

Anyways, back to the pizza.

It was amazingly easy to make. I make a dough that doesn't need to rise, which is a huge time saver. The actual cooking on the grill was so simple and clean! No extra dishes. And you guys, I tried to burn the pizza. I really did. I got so distracted by children, and my husband, and cleaning up my mess that I forgot about the pizza. But it just wouldn't burn! That is a major bonus in my book.

So, grilled pizza is fast, delicious, and won't burn. Perfect!

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