7 Months Old


Seven months! How the time has flown. I have loved every minute of this baby girl being in our family. Eliza is a joy. Pure joy. She is adored by everyone who comes in contact with her. We are regularly accosted in the grocery store, the library, church, basically anytime we're in public. And she usually rewards her admirers with a dimpled smile. And when she smiles it is like a ray of sunshine beaming on you. What more could one ask for?

Eliza is just now starting to sit up. She did good for the pictures today but in the past has fussed at me to let her lay down already! And so I do. I'm in no rush for the milestones to pass. I've learned how quickly the time flies and I'd rather drag babyhood out for as long as I can.


One of Eliza's favorite things to do is eat. Which is entirely surprising, isn't it?

Oh, no it isn't?

The rolls... it was the rolls that gave it away, wasn't it?

Eliza is still nursing like there's no tomorrow and now she has added table food into the mix. None of that nasty baby food for her. She wants the real stuff and lots of it. If I take too long to get something yummy in her mouth she becomes downright indignant. Which is pretty funny. To me.

She hates anything with maple syrup on it but loves eggs, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and chicken. No sweet tooth for this girl. Actually, there's no teeth at all. Which is fine by me, I rather like the gummy look.

I am so thankful for every day we have with Eliza. Each is precious and a gift.

Here's to the best month yet my beautiful, sweet Lu-Lu!



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