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Do you ever wish you could go back in time and redo your wedding? Are there things you wish you could have chosen to do differently, whether it be as huge as inviting - or not inviting - someone, or perhaps it's as simple as the colors you chose. I look back on that time of my life and I feel as though I have much clearer vision now. I can see the things that are truly important and wish I had concentrated more on them. Though, I do believe Daniel and I did a superb job.

I loved, loved, loved the church but wished we hadn't chosen a Sunday to get married on. I adored my colors (red, yellow, and orange!) but wish I had had my friends stand up with me instead of just family. I am glad we had two receptions - a big one outside at the church for friends and such, another intimate, family-only one at a gorgeous bed and breakfast - but wish there had been more structure at the church reception.

You know how it goes. Hind sight is twenty-twenty.

One major thing is I wish I had chosen a different dress. One more suited to who I am. Something simple, elegant, and much easier to wear. Such as this one from J.Crew:

This one is "me" also:

No fuss, just simple beauty. The first dress... 295 dollars. That would have been an amazing deal. I would have put the extra money towards a more creative photographer.

It's funny to me that I still catch myself thinking, every once in awhile, about how I wish I could do a few parts of our wedding differently. It seems kind of silly to have those thoughts seven years later. Daniel and I had a beautiful wedding. It was very "us." The people we loved best, and who love us best, were there. It wasn't stiff, formal, or hectic. It was lovely. I am so thankful for that special day made just for us. And I am really glad it was Daniel waiting at the end of that gorgeous aisle for me.

Just 'cause I'm curious - what would you do differently? Anything?

*Post from 1 year ago today: Can You Feel the Love?
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