How Much Do You Spend?
Yesterday's delicious breakfast.
A whole wheat english muffin, watermelon, and bacon along side scrambled eggs made with ham, tomato, and fresh basil.

I was talking to my friend Sarah from Smack Dab in the Middle of Life yesterday about everything under the sun, but mainly about budgets and grocery shopping.

Scintillating - no. Practical, helpful, normal - yes.

Sarah and I go way back. And I mean way back. This means we can talk about anything and everything and not have to preface what we say with a story or explanation. It's comfortable and nice to talk with her because in my world everyone is "new." Everything needs an explanation and I wonder if I am being judged by what I say or don't say.

Anyone else in that place? Holla!

Sarah and I were discussing, in great detail, grocery shopping - the best places to buy this or that, the value - or not - of Costco, and how much Trader Joe's rocks.
Sarah asked me if I would tell her how much we spend a month on groceries - you know, if that was alright and I didn't mind....
It was no problem because like I said to her: It's you - it's me we've know each other forever. We're good!

The problem came in being able to pin point exactly how much we spend. I gave Sarah an estimate of about 400 dollars give or take - being what I normally spend each month. But I am not the woman who takes the calculator to the grocery store.

(It's definitely my personality to do this, and I use to, but my brain is on overload at this point in life. A calculator at the grocery store may just be what pushes me over the edge.)

In our house Daniel does the money ( Yay!!) and his take on the "grocery budget" when I asked was this: "I like to eat so you buy whatever you need to buy." Knowing how much we make I do not buy "whatever." But we do like to eat and we like to eat good. This translates into groceries being where the largest amount of our money goes to each month.

So, I am asking you - even though we don't go way back - what is an estimate of the normal amount you spend a month of groceries? And why? Does family size have a large effect on the amount, or perhaps it is the quality of food? The city you live in?

Do you shop only at one store or do you go to a few following the sales?

I will also pose to you the question Sarah posed to me:

How does one reduce the amount of money spent each month on groceries? Any great tips?
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