Of Hand-Me-Downs and Ankle Rolls...
Are you all having a nice weekend? We sure are. What are we up to? Well... not much. We've been sleeping in, playing at the playground, taking walks. And, as of tonight, making Judah the proud owner of a "boy" bike. Daniel couldn't take the pink and purple one any longer.

I love my husband (That's a good thing, right?!). Daniel is such a manly man. And he wants his boy to be just that - a boy. In a world of sisters this won't always be easy...

Eve is doing good. She's been having a little bit of an attitude issue this weekend but we're all over that like white on rice.

And Eliza... she's workin' the hand-me-downs like nobody's business.

It was rather weird for me to pull out Eve's baby clothes and put them on my sweet "Lu-Lu." It felt wrong almost. I can't determine why, exactly. I guess it felt like since they were Eve's clothes, to see them on another child was very strange. But, hey! I'm all for saving money and I definitely appreciate a good hand-me-down, so I quickly got over my weirdness issue.

Speaking of hand-me-downs... since moving from Vermont we lost our beloved friend Bridgette and her beautiful clothes that she so generously handed down to Eve. So sad...

Judah... he lost Joe's hand-me-downs. Joe is Bridgette's brother and the combo was brilliant. I can't even tell you how much I appreciated hand-me-downs from these two cute kids.

Eliza is also working the ankle rolls. I'm loving them. Her skin is incredibly soft, which is no small feat considering we are living inside an oven. The rolls and the soft skin translate into mama rubbing her baby all day long. I can't kiss her, snuggle her, tickle her, or smell her enough. I love that girl.

And now I have a question for all my photographer friends... Do you find that Blogger destroys your pictures once you upload them?

I am looking into uploading from my Flickr account. Just wanted to know if I was imagining things...

You all keep on livin' it up this weekend. I am off to go love on my husband... And eat some chocolate. But let's keep that chocolate thing on the down low, okay!
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