Military Life Questions... Again.
Photo by Eve

Because I am just so dang curious...

I want to know one thing you absolutely love about the military.

Is it the free medical care? The quality of life? The free housing? The knowledge that you are involved in something bigger than yourself? The sense of patriotism that comes from serving your country? The Commissary? The travel - billeting? The annual pay raise?

For me, personally, one of the best and most loved parts of being in the military - as a spouse - is being able to experience life in different parts of the country... and hopefully world! I love meeting new people, discovering a new city and uncovering it's quirks, meeting new people - Oops! Did I already say that?
And I guess I just love never being bored - there is always something new to discover, a surprise TDY, a deployment, a PCS... Life is never boring when lived as a military spouse.

There are somethings I don't love about the military.

No, that's not true. I pretty much love it all. Except paying to use the base pool... I don't like that.

There are other more serious things I don't like, but honestly, I strive to not settle my mind on the hard stuff, but instead choose to view this life as one big adventure. (Will someone please remind me of this when Daniel deploys!!)

Alright, next question...

If you could change one thing about your military life what would that be?

No answer is wrong. I can't wait to see your unique perspective.

Oh, one more thing... I'm starting a ladies night, for military wives ( and others too - as I meet them!), at my house on the first Friday of the month. Everyone brings a dessert and I am providing the wine along with other beverages (since I won't be drinking). What do you think? Will people come? Do you have any suggestions for me on how I can make it more fun, or run smoothly? How to make this something the women would love to come back to again the next time?

I'm all ears!
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