Judah and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Judah had a rough day. Phew! A really rough day. It was definitely not a white shirt kinda day, either.

He had his face slammed by a door compliments of his big sister. Apparently this was a complete accident, though I am not convinced.

He occupied many a corner today for some bad choices.

He stepped on an evil, and I do mean evil, pricker bush tonight. And then, in his pain, sat in it, which in turn planted three big 'ol prickers into his inner thigh, which resulted in his trying to get away and stepping on it again. Oh, it was bad, my friends. Very bad. Did I mention he had bare feet?

He howled.

And to top the 'day of hurt' off, as he was riding his bike up a driveway the front tire caught on something which resulted in his face slamming into the concrete - there was no time for a hand reaction to break the fall. I had a bloody, hurt mess of a boy on my hands.

I just went into Judah's room (at 10:22p.m.) for the third time because he was crying. He is my perfect sleeper - always has been. But today was just a rough day on my boy. He needed some extra love.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better. But, when you are a two year old boy child, there are no guarantees.

One can always hope!

*Post from 1 year ago today: "Homebirth" Wordless Wednesday
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