Shall we chat?
You all came out in full force for me Monday! I was blown away by all the 'hot mama' comments - you guys made me laugh! There are a couple of you I would have liked to have seen in action, that's for sure. It made the sting of the garage sale lady's word hurt a bit less hearing all the nice things you said about me.

Just to clarify, but not to be cutting... The woman was very overweight. And, if she was jealous she was an a amazing actress because I didn't get that feeling from her at all. I think she was perhaps... dumb? Clueless? And no, I didn't buy anything from her garage sale though I did see a planter I really wanted. But, I didn't buy it. On moral grounds.

Just as an aside, why is it that when we women are pregnant - even barely - we want everyone in the world to know. But when we are not, it is crushing to be asked if we are?

Anyways... over and done.

Now, I am onto the business of making friends. Nice friends who don't ask me if I am pregnant when I am not. We have some wonderful neighbors across the street that we really are enjoying. They are a fantastic family; their daughter and Eve get along famously. I met a new family, with whom we (kind of) share backyards, and they are wonderful also. The husband even has a motorcycle! Daniel has been wishing for a riding partner. The thought that he may have one now thrills me! I rather like the idea of having two of them riding side by side. Higher visibility, you know, though I try my best not to worry.

I am so happy, you guys. I need friends - we need friends. I was feeling rather lonely and perhaps a bit burnt out from the process of trying to make new friends. Do you know what I mean? I am looking forward to Eve starting school because I have the feeling I will be meeting some more families that we will mesh with.

Today I have small goals... Make banana bread, clean the bathrooms (I love that 'bathrooms' is plural!), finish vacuuming upstairs, make dinner, go to the library, and do some laundry. I am keeping my list small so that I may actually accomplish it. Low expectations is the name of the game right now. And I am okay with that which amazes me! I am so not that type of girl...

If I am feeling very adventurous I may have the kids help me wash "Bessie" at the car wash. We'll see. I may not be that brave today.

Brave or stupid? Which one is it?

Anyways, I am off! Someday I may have a post of substance... or perhaps not. I rather like just chatting with you...
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