A Few Pictures
Today I thought I would post some of my favorite pictures from the last week or so. I have so many I love... I wish I could include them all!


I love the color contrasts in this photo. Every time I drive past this particular field the red of the dirt, the green of the corn, and the blue sky, it all calls to me. I was afraid they were going to harvest the corn so I made the time Saturday to stop and take a photo.


There are a few reasons this particular photo made it into my favorites list. I love the way the early morning sun washing Judah in a warm color; I love the baby dimples still on his little hands; I love how he is sucking his thumb, but mostly I just love him.


Eliza has a rubber face, truly she does. I am entertained all day long by her expressions. Judah was singing the ABC's to her in an effort to pull her out of the grumpies. She seems rather disturbed by the whole affair. This photo never fails to make me laugh.


I love the way you can see the wind on Eve's hair. And the sunlight glinting off of it. She's getting way to big, but to see her carry around Raggedy Ann helps her not seem quite so big.


It's his chicklet teeth that just get me. I love them. Judah is chasing after Eve with his dinosaur in this photo. Need I say more?


Do you see the tear tracks? This girl knows how to turn on the water works! She was upset because I kept leaving her line of vision. The clouds always roll by quickly with this girl; she never stays upset for long.


Eve had decided she was going to watch and wait for the Peach Pie to be done baking. I love her perfectly kissable little ski-slope nose. I always have and I always will.

Which one is your favorite?
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