This Week's In-Comment Questions Answered
I had to figure something out... I was feeling guilty and sad, and like I needed my knuckles rapped for not answering all your awesome questions! But, those three ankle biters I have, they are so loud and needy and always hungry... and you, you are quiet and you don't pester me to answer your questions. Which one would you answer first?
I was doing the best I could with e-mailing the answers but have been falling woefully behind.

After thinking long and hard about a solution, I decided that since my weekends are focused on relaxing and building relationships they would be the perfect time to answer the week's in comment questions.

Eliza helped me out on a couple of questions today...

Here we go:

From Tarah @ Growing Goodson's

"You are right Eliza the sky is stunning and you are such a smart girl for realizing that! Oh you're an absolute doll too. Has anyone told you that lately?"

Actually, Tarah... It's been at least five minutes since I heard that, so thank you!!

From Jenny @ Happenings of Little Bubba

"WOW! What magnificent pics! They are really breath taking!
Looks like Eliza thought that grass was pretty tasty. She is too sweet, I just love her outfit, but where's the bow to match?"

Hi Will's mama! Mama forgot to take my bow out when I went down for my nap; It fell out while I was sleeping. When I woke up she was so happy to see me that she forgot to put my bow back in. I was disappointed too. But she wouldn't stop kissing me long enough so I could tell her about it!

Oh, and the grass.... YUM!

From Katie @ McDonnell Place

"Where did Eve"s swim suit come from??"

Eve's swim suit came (brand spakin' new!) from a children's second hand store in Vermont called "Once Upon a Child." Those stores are located everywhere (but here in New Mexico) and are a great value!

From MITZI @ California Dreamin'

"Wow! Commissary pricing sounds great. Can I send you my grocery list and $$$ and you buy and send back to me???? Regular stores prices here (CALIF) are outrageous."

You know, I would do that if I could. But I am positive that would constitute some sort of illegal business operation. So I can't.
You are right though, the prices at the Commissary are great and I appreciate having that benefit afforded to me.

By the way, I totally knew you were joking!

From Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot:

"I have never tipped a grocery bagger. Am I supposed to?

Nope, not as far as I know. The normal civilian groceries stores bag and most times will take your groceries to your car as a free service.

From Anonymous:

"Ok now here is one more for you guys: what about when you guys eat out, do you tip then and how much and do you think there is a difference between the two, and what about ALL THE GERMS?? "

Okay, let's expand the tipping topic a bit...
Daniel and I are notoriously high tippers. We have both worked in the service arena and have a great appreciation for the hard work it requires. So, when we go out to eat we usually tip at least 30 to 40 percent. But we pay close attention to the service we receive, if it's crappy we tip accordingly. But most often the service is great and we like to let our servers know we appreciate it!

As far as the germs... I try my hardest to mentally block their presence, but that doesn't mean I don't slather everyone with hand sanitizer multiple times per visit because I do. And we avoid using public bathrooms like the plague. I will admit to being a germaholic. Having three sick kids at once is no fun.

Okay, now let's talk about tipping at the Commissary..., I rarely spend more than 50 dollars at a time. This translates into no more than 7 or 8 bags. And at the acceptable and going rate of .25 cents a bag ( from my research), my 2 dollar tip is just right. Oh, and I usually shop with Daniel and he pulls the van up to the curb. Less work equal less tip.

Now, a few months ago I had a very respectful and kind teenage boy help me with my cart, unload my groceries, bag them, and put them in my car so I gave him 4 dollars. I appreciated what he did very much and I wanted him to know that. I guess there are exceptions to my 2 dollar rule!

From Anonymous:

"Did you win the base bakeoff? The cookies looked great!"

Sadly, I did not. Someone who made Oatmeal Cranberry cookies did. I saw them and they looked good! But, seriously, who would want to eat a cookie that sounds so healthy...? Just kidding. But, next year the contest is mine!!

From Nene:

"If I were a millionaire, you would be my personal chef. Sigh. My mouth is watering."

Nene, I would be your personal chef even if you weren't a millionaire! And perhaps, if I did work for you, our children would someday fall in love and get married. Eventually, we would have the most beautiful grandchildren know to man. Of that I am quite certain.

From Heather @ Running from the Little People:

"Look at that cute little thing!! She melts my heart and so makes me want another baby!!"

Go for it Heather!! You will never, ever, ever regret it. I promise.

From Heather @ The Monk's Wife

"Out of curiosity, do you make your pie crust with whole wheat pastry flour? I've been wanting to try it, but didn't know how it would work."

Yes, I do make my pie crust with whole wheat pastry flour. But I also use white flour; usually I do half and half. The texture seems about perfect to me that way. I have found, from personal experience, using all whole wheat makes for a very crumbly crust.

From Melissa @ New Girl On Post

"I want to know what you put in your pesto, I have a love affair with pesto and I'm sure yours is delicious!"

I used the first pesto recipe I came across. It was simple, basic and delicious. I didn't have fresh parmesan or pine nuts, so I substituted walnuts for the pine nuts and parm in the can instead of fresh. It was very, very tasty. Oh, I bumped up the garlic amount. I felt like it was a little wimpy.

From Straight Shooter

"I so hope your Whazoo is not empty yet...I make almost everything you give the recipe for! Mmm, mmmm, mmm...MMMMM!
I am sad to hear your Viewing Buddy will be mostly unavailable during the Games! I wish I were closer and could offer you a hand."

No, my whazoo isn't empty by any means!! I would fall into a deep dark depression should that ever happen! I am so glad you make and enjoy the recipes I put on the blog. I have decided that food is my love language... so whenever I post recipes it is like I am giving you a big hug and a sloppy kiss on your cheek. Don't you feel loved?!

I wish I could take you up on your offer for a Olympic watching hand! Oklahoma isn't that far away from us! Maybe we could work something out... Ha!

One more thing... This week I received a Share the Love award from Rose Michelle @ A Cup of Tea with Friends. I am so thankful that you read and enjoy my blog. And I appreciate the sweet award! Thank you Rose Michelle!

And that is it my friends. This was fun! I loved being able to answer your awesome questions! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday...
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