Close Your Eyes, Open Up Your Hands
That's what Daniel instructed me to do Friday evening. So I did. I had no idea what he was going to put into my hands. No idea at all.

Daniel is not a gift giver, per say. Actually he loves to give gifts but he has a terrible time coming up with what to give. It's my own fault really. If I see something I want I generally buy it. This habit makes things difficult for my husband. In seven years of marriage we have yet to find a solution to this problem. I could stop buying the things I want/need but then I would have to wait for him to buy me the present. And it could be a very long wait. Delayed gratification is not one of my more defining points.

So I stood there in the kitchen with closed eyes and my hands open, palms up. I felt him put a box in my hand so I opened my eyes. I looked down to see Photoshop CS3. I was in disbelief. I had not expected that at all. He knew I wanted it and he knew where to get it but I never thought he actually would! Plus, it's expensive. But, he bought it for me and I still can't believe it.

Over the course of the weekend and the last few days Daniel has been cleaning up my laptop in order to make room for Photoshop. I have gobs and gobs of pictures and videos, stuff I don't even know what it is in random places on my computer, and programs I never use anymore. All this translates into lots of work for Daniel and I am so appreciative.

I can hardly wait to learn and use and have fun! I have some great pictures all ready to be edited - sunsets, amazing clouds, the kids feeding ducks, the kids, the kids, the kids... I have issues putting pictures straight out of the camera on the blog. Those of you who are into photography will understand that mindset. So, very soon I will have pictures again. But no new jeans. Those are going to have to wait. I had decided on the J.Crew ones. I think they would love me.

Tonight is my second photography class. We are going to be discussing the process of picture taking. It should, hopefully, prove to be interesting. And it will, as long as my teacher doesn't show us 9,000 of his own pictures set to annoying music and make us get out of class late because of it, again. But I'm not bitter.

I've totally got my fingers and toes crossed for a good story or two to come out of tonight's class. Just not at my expense this time. I'll let someone else be the fool!

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