The Rewards System
Eve's school has the "Tally System" in place as their disciplinary action. (Does this ring any bells for anyone?!) If a student needs discipline they receive a tally. Each classroom and teacher has their own unique way of how it all pans out. For Eve's classroom, if a student steps out of line they have to go pick out a puzzle piece from a cup that bears their name. This puzzle piece turns into a minute of time out from recess.


Eve does not want to have to get a puzzle piece. Plain and simple. She is naturally a good girl, she is very obedient and doesn't try and push the boundaries. Much. Daniel and I laid down some incentives for her with regards to tallies and puzzle pieces; if Eve goes the whole week without getting a puzzle piece there will be some sort of treat on Friday afternoon. This week it was an ice cream bar. Now, if she goes the whole month without a tally etc. we will take her out to dinner.


Wow, is she motivated! I, personally, love the rewards system. It works for my kids and it works for me. When I was working if I did well I would get a raise. Reward! For not getting in accidents or receiving a ticket, my car insurance goes down. Reward! Life is full of the reward system.


How does the reward system work in your family?

*Post from 1 year ago today: Eve Has Entered the Dating Scene
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