Places to go, People to eat.

Do you see this baby girl with the determined look on her face? This is bad, very bad. She wasn't suppose to be doing this crawling thing for a long time! She certainly didn't run the request by me because I would have shut it down. Fast. Thankfully she can only crawl backwards right now. But the forward movement is imminent.

This growing up stuff is for the birds, I tell ya.

Oh, and Eliza has gained 5 pounds since the end of June. 5 pounds. I was standing next to a mother the other day holding her almost 8 month old baby boy. I swear, Eliza could have eaten him for dinner. She is huge. And I love it. So, she weighs in at 20 pounds right now. This puts her 11 pounds away from Eve and 6 pounds from Judah. Hmmmm. Eliza may be the baby but she's sure going to give the other two a run for their money!

Eight month pictures coming up on the 24th! I can hardly believe it.

*Post from 1 year ago today: A Public Service Announcement
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