Random Thoughts Over Coffee
Perhaps I am the only one, actually, I'd put money on me being the only one, but the poll on the side is crackin' me up! Who would have thought the brunettes would be winning! I thought it would be between redheads and blondes. I can rag on those brunettes because truthfully I am one, though I'm happy to keep on pretending I'm not. It's been brunettes and redheads neck n' neck. We'll see....

So, the other day as I was buckling Judah in his carseat, I went to flip my hair out of my face, in doing so I whacked my head on the side of our van. It was such a special, feel good moment.

You know I looked around to see if anyone saw me.... You would have too. Don't lie. But I only did that after I shook the stars from my head. Geez, it hurt! I've had quite a headache ever since. I feel so dumb...

Okay, the jeans. Am I the only one who didn't know Victoria's Secret carried jeans? I had no clue they made jeans. Underwear, bras, overpriced lingerie, lotions... yes. Jeans, nope. I guess I have seen a catalogue by them, but it was a long time ago and apparently it never really registered.

Anyone else glad that places like Target and Kohls now carry some really cute, sexy nighttime wear?! I have spent way too much money at Victoria's Secret in the past 7 years...

Anyways, I have tried on Old Navy jeans and I really don't like them. It may be because I don't do spandex. O.N. jeans always seem to fit me wrong. But hey, I am not opposed to trying them again next time I'm at the store. Man, I sure am missing Plato's Closet!

Right now I am going in between these jeans from Gap:

or these, also from Gap:

or these from J.Crew

And I know, I'm sticking with what I said I wanted to get away from. But, I don't have any stores that were mentioned ie: American Eagle, Old Navy, Ann Taylor Loft, Target (sob!) etc. in my town/city/I don't know which it is. Next time I am in "the city" I will try multitudes of those brands on. But for now I guess I'll have to go with what I know fits me. The sizing can be so weird! J.Crew runs big, which can be a really good boost! I feel like I'm teeny tiny when I look at the tags! Gap and Target run big also. Do they do it on purpose, you think? All so you will profess your undying love to them because it looks like you wear a size 6 when truly you are a size 8?

I think way too much.

Oh, I am making Black bean chowder tonight for dinner with cornbread. I hope it will be really good. I don't know why I am making soup! It's suppose to be in the 90's... I feel like it should be getting fall-ish. After 27 years of living in states with four seasons I am very programed! I want to pull out my long sleeve shirts and see some leaves changing. Not going to happen. At least anytime soon.

One more thing... I promise. I have my first photography class tonight. Aaaaahhhh!!! I am nervous.

Alright... I will end this most random post I have ever written. Sometimes, like today, I feel like I am sitting with you, drinking coffee, and we just talk. You know?

*Post from 1 year ago today: Our Fluffy New Friend
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