The Tea Party!
The tea party was a hit! It was such a special day for my girl; she had looked forward to this tea party more than anything else ever, I do believe. She hadn't slept well in days because of her excitement. In fact, she was up at six that morning helping me!

Once the doorbell started chiming it was go, go, go! I loved seeing all the little girls in their gorgeous Christmas dresses, playing with each other and being extraordinarily happy! They pranced around the house feeling fancy as fancy could be. I decided then and there that five year old girls are my favorite.


After everyone arrived I still had some cookies to frost, but I had a couple other moms to help me out. I was very thankful because Eliza was completely overwhelmed by all the commotion! She was very needy which translated into fussy, fussy. I can do a lot of things one-handed and with a baby on my hip, but making those cookies look pretty would have proven to be a challenge.

Once the cookies were frosted all the girls found their place cards at the table and sat down.


We had a wonderful tea time; I loved seeing all the personalities come out as they chattered and ate. I haven't had such fun in a long time. Sure, it was a lot of work but because I was doing it for Eve and also with the thought of six beautiful faces seeing it all as magical... it was totally worth every second.


In fact, I am making it a Christmas tradition. I think with all the moving we will be doing in the next few years, Eve hosting a Christmas tea party every year may be just the ticket.

*Post from 1 year ago today: The Belly
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