Base Tree Lighting
Last week we attended our base's annual Christmas tree lighting. I fully prepared us for the cold, and once out in it, was quite thankful that I hadn't lost my cold weather touch. I had no idea New Mexico would get this cold! I think the wind is the main culprit but geez! I thought we were escaping some of the shivering, hat and mitten overload, red-nose weather! Apparently not. We froze our booties off. I told Daniel afterward I was pretty sure I had burned enough calories from shivering to have lost at least a couple pounds!

Hugs for Warmth

The kids were shivering and cold so they hugged to combine body warmth! I love it when they're sweet to each other.

Major brownie points go to me for remembering to bring hot coffee! It made the whole thing bearable, for sure.


We all enjoyed the coffee, though some more than others... Ahem.... Judah.

Coffee Time

He's defintely our child; a lover of the bean.

Bring on the coffee

All in all it was fun though my hand hurt for the rest of the night from being so cold! Seeing the kids faces when Santa and Mrs. Claus talked with them was worth all the hassle and the bone-chilling cold. Christmas is so much better through the eyes of a child.

Perhaps next time the wonderful, childish perspective could be experienced while visiting Santa in the mall.

If we had one, that is.

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