16 Random Facts About Me... and a couple of secrets, too.
Brittany from 4 Little Men and Girly Twins tagged me for a meme. Usually I don't join in because memes bother me for some reason. I think it's that they're a bit too narcissistic for my liking, but Brittany is a good bloggy friend and she's a fellow red head, so here we go:

16 random facts about me.... (which is 16 more than you ever wanted or needed to know.)

I bite my lips. A lot. Especially after applying chapstick.

I hate doing my nails. It's such a time waster in my books. I do love a good manicure, though.

I've used the dishwasher a total of 2 times in my entire life. Until this week. I now employ it daily; I need all the help I can get with our new crazy and very tiring schedule.

I secretly wish I could have a redo of my wedding.

When I am tired, like really really tired, I get the non-stop giggles. This can go on for hours. I wake up with sore abs.

I want a Concept2 Model D rower so bad I can taste it.

(Man! I've only written six and I'm totally over myself!)

I love to shop. Especially food shopping. Love it, love it. I would do it for a living, if I could!

I have a beauty mark (Read: mole. at least it's a Marilyn Monroe type mole.) above my lip. I've had it ever since I was a baby. There is a good view of it in my latest self-portrait.

I adore pudding, especially chocolate pudding. (The chocolate part was a real surprise, now wasn't it!)

I can not own a pet. I get very obsessive about animal hair and dirt in my house. I have conceded to a fish only because their dirt is contained. And you can forget to feed them for a few days and they won't die.

My secret wish is to re-learn ballet. I dream of someday owning a house that has a room set aside just for me to dance in. Skylights, surround sound, french doors with billowing white curtains, the works. Oh, and it will be the most beautiful shade of buttercream you have ever seen.

I am terrible, TERRIBLE, at small talk.

(Okay, phew! I'm at 12. Only 4 more to go. Stick with me, people.)

I think a good garage sale is one of the best things that a Saturday morning has to offer.

I am a bit of a germaphobe. (Daniel would say: A bit?! And I would reply: Fine! I am a big freaking germaphobe!!)(I was trying not to scare you all off by telling you the whole truth about me and my obsession with germs.)

(Only 2 more to go!)

I don't really like red wine, though I did drink an amazing one a couple of weeks ago at Tarrah's house. It was called 337 and I bought it at Whole Foods for 12.99.

If I ate refined sugar I would subside on cow tails and butterfingers. And the occasional package of skittles.

Hey!! You made it! Me too. Now you know all kinds of stuff about me.

This was fun! Thanks for tagging me, Brittany!

If it tickles your fancy, tell me something random about YOU!
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