Washington D.C.
Man. I love Washington. I want to live there so bad I can taste it. Bolling AFB would be my choice, though probably not Daniel's, seeing as his right hand would need to be in a perma-salute position.

I have always thought I was a country girl, probably because my mom hates the city as do my grandma and everyone else in my family. And, to be perfectly truthful, I long for a little farm where I can raise chickens, have a cow, a dog (or two), a humongous garden, and let my children run around barefoot in the green grasses. I love having a lifestyle of good honest hard work in the fresh country air, though the fresh air experience would not include hanging my clothes out to dry. Too many bad experiences while growing up (in the country with all of the above except the cow and the children) with spiders hanging out in the clothes pins. Awful, awful. Feel very bad for me.

But... being in the city of Washington, I determined that it was the place for me. Washington has won, by an overwhelming vote, as the most favorite place I have ever been to. The history, the beautiful architecture, the bustle - oh, I love the bustle - the tons of stuff to be involved in, the metro, the shopping. There was just so much there! I would move there this second, if I could. I kept remarking to Daniel how happy I was. He just smiled at me and I knew if he could do anything to be able to hand that city to me as our next duty station he would.

While in Washington we stayed on Andrews AFB, once in Air Force lodging and once in Navy lodging. The Navy lodging was much nicer. We tried to stay in lodging on Bolling AFB but it was full due to the inauguration. Understandable, but frustrating. I hated being denied checking out their lodging. I love visiting any and every base I can while traveling.
While in North Carolina we checked out Seymour Johnson AFB... needless to say, that base will not be our dream sheet. Ick.

Anyways... pictures. We were enjoying being in the moment so much that we forgot to take many pictures. Thankfully you don't need a camera to have memories.

Crawling on the Lincoln

This is Eliza crawling around the floor of the Lincoln Memorial. She was way way past her nap but that is one happy girl you see right there. She loved crawling around on the marble.

In the Lincoln

As soon as I stepped into the Lincoln Memorial I felt a heaviness on my chest. Truly the most amazing and solemn statue I have ever experienced. I visited as a teenager but I don't remember feeling so moved as I did this time.

Korean War Memorial

Oh glory, was this memorial for the Korean War ever creepy. I remarked to Daniel that I have never heard much about the Korean War; he called it the forgotten war. I found this terribly sad because blood was shed and lives were sacrificed in the protection of freedom. How dare we forget that.

Freedom is not Free

Freedom Is Not Free.

I am forever indebted. And so very thankful.
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