Eve Gets A Bob
Eve isn't a stubborn girl but when she makes her mind up about a certain thing, that's it. And this latest time... it was a bob. The girl wanted a bob.

"Right to here" she would say to me, cupping her hands around her chin when I asked her the length of her proposed haircut.

And she knew from the get go that she wanted it done at the Scott Miller salon and by Jason.

One smart girl, I say.

January 8th was the big day; she had been practically counting the hours! We were all very excited for her and her new hair cut. People would ask me how I felt about Eve having her hair cut off or if I was even going to allow it.

My answer was that I was a tiny bit sad but at the same time extremely happy. And of course I was going to "allow" her to cut her hair off; it is her hair after all.
You see, Daniel and I deal in character issues; if it's a character issue ie. trustworthiness, being truthful, moral, responsible, kind, respectful, etc. then we are all over it. But, when it comes to things like haircuts, hair color, piercings, the car they drive.... it's basically hands off. Because if we've taught them and instilled in them good character then (hopefully) the rest will follow. And seriously, does having bright red or pink or blue hair, or a nose ring really matter? The kid might get some funny looks and perhaps it might turn off a prospective employer but that's not my problem. It's the kid's.

Anyways, that sound you hear is me stepping off of the soapbox.

Here is the hair; the beautiful long hair:

Long Hair

Eve was looking forward to not having that long hair hanging around anymore. I think it bothered her; her siblings pulled it and it was too much for her to care for on her own. And Eve enjoys her independence; having mama brush all the tangles out was such a bother.

It's a bob.

And just like that... it was gone.

Eve and Jason

Eve and her hairdresser - Jason. Seriously, the man is a genius with scissors. He's a good friend too.

Eve and Helen

This is Eve with Helen - one of her most favorite adults. Helen is Scott Miller's wife. When I told Eve that Helen and Scott own the salon....

"Whoa....!" was her response.

I love how Eve loves people just because and not for the position they hold. She had no idea Helen was the owner of that huge gorgeous salon; she loves Helen because Helen loves her.

It was a fantastic day; a day Eve will probably always remember as one of her favorites.
I'm so thankful that my lovely memories with this salon - first being my place of employment, which was a time filled with great friends and a wonderful experience - is added onto with these new amazing memories with Eve.

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