We LOVE the Beach...
And each other. Obviously.

Kissy Face

How could I not love this man? I mean, he has the body of a greek god and he loves me! Me.

Mister Ocean

I begged Daniel to leave his shirt on so he wouldn't embarrass all the other beach goers with his rockin' body.

All fun and games, my friends. Though the body is for real.

Eliza had her first taste of the surf and the sand. Literally. She loved it. Loved it.

Mama and Eliza

Of course we had to do the name in the sand picture. It wouldn't have been a first trip the ocean without it.

Eliza in sand

Daniel, Eliza, and I had a wonderful trip to the ocean; it was a fantastic time with great friends, good food, and the beach.

Washington D.C. pictures are making their way into my Flickr account but family time comes first. Thanks for understanding!
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