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Since I can't get to my pictures or download the ones I have off of my camera, I subject you to this one from January 26th 2008. I think Eliza still makes that face when I kiss her. Like... C'mon Mama! Not again!


I'm just no good without my laptop. Plain and simple. Just no good at all. I definitely accomplish much more throughout the day when I am minus the laptop but it feels rather solitary. Usually I have my friends hanging out with me during the day via facebook or the blog or through emails. That sort of community, for a stay at home mom, is much needed.

So, what have I been up to? Well, I planted an indoor herb garden with Eve; I just noticed today that we have a few teeny green shoots already. Hooray! I love seeing green anything in the middle of Winter.

I cleaned out Daniel and my closet - rather, I got rid of a LOT of clothes. The organizing will come next. I was feeling very cutthroat that day and once I was done I felt so good! I was free from so many clothing memories. If you know what I mean.

I have been cooking up the wazoo. My freezer is quite happy with me! And I with the ease of cooking since I have had time to do so much prep work.

We've had friends over, we've gone for walks; my laundry pile has never been smaller, my floors cleaner, my bathroom shinier, my fridge more organized.... but for all that great stuff, I miss my blogging.

Honestly, I am trying to decide the direction I want to take with my blogging. I feel a shift inside of me and I am not sure what's going on. I have thought of closing shop but I would miss the life that this blog brings to me. I feel pressure, and not from you, from me. The pressure to blog often and about fun, witty, exciting things. But, quite frankly, most of my daily life is neither witty or exciting. It just is. And I am not so sure I would have an audience banging down my doors to read about a life that just is. And that's okay, I don't need any doors being brought to the ground over my blog but I do want to have you all come around. Because I like you.

I am going to continue mulling over all of this while I wait on my laptop battery. The relief will be GREAT once I have that little white sliver of heaven working again. If, in fact, it is the battery. If not.... Daniel may get his wish for a Mac book after all.

Happy end of January, my friends. Anyone else thrilled to see this month disappear? I hate January. It's so dreary. And this fiery redhead just doesn't do dreary.
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