New York, New York!
We ALL made it; safe and sound to my home sweet home. Yesterday. Daniel flew with Judah on Southwest and I took the girls on Delta. Phew! It went smoothly, thankfully. I wasn't sure we were even going to make it as the drive to the airport took five hours, through almost a foot of un-plowed snow on the roads. Scccarry!
I haven't truly relaxed yet - I'm working on it, though. It was a tough week and a half getting to this point; the kids had a cold, and then we all, except Judah - Praise Jesus - got a stomach bug. All of that amidst the packing, tea partying, college class wrap-up for both Daniel and I, house cleaning, and you know, daily life. It was completely nuts and something I am going to need a few days to recover from!

But, here we are, relaxing (or trying to!) in an absolutely beautiful home; twelve foot ceiling, Victorian gorgeousness, a massive winding staircase (that scares the crap outta me) huge windows, a wonderful fireplace, a knock your socks off shower, and most importantly... my family. I plan on enjoying my time to the fullest. I deserve a break and I am going to live it up!

You know, this is our first vacation in four years where Daniel hasn't had the doggone cell phone from recruiting - the one whose ring made my heart stop beating until I knew what the latest hurdle was we had to conquer. My husband is a different person today; it does my heart good to see him relaxed, calm, and stress-free.

Tonight we took the kids to the mall - a real mall! - to take a spin on the carousel. They had such FUN! Eliza is my dare devil; she was jumping up and down on her horse, trying to get it to go faster. She did the same thing on the plane; she was standing on my lap, looking out the window, jumping up and down as we were taking off. Like she was trying to get it to go baby, go, go, GO! She's awesome. And tons of fun.

Eliza did amazing on the plane - like, blow your mind amazing. She fussed one time right after she woke up from her one and only five minute nap. Her nap for the day. She was a complete joy, though. She laughed and played; we snuggled and she sucked her thumb for all it was worth. She was glorious! Eve too. It was a wonderful plane ride; one I could not have dreamed any better. I am eternally thankful because I was exhausted from life and being sick as a dog.

I apologize for being so hit and miss with my posting; it's not like me to be such a random blogger. But, life kinda kicked my booty and I had to concentrate on surviving.

I love and miss you all... Well, except for the grouchy anonymous commentors who I delete.

You know who you are. Bah humbuggers.

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