The Curls that were Not Meant to Be
I admit, I had tears in my eyes when Eve walked down the aisle. I don't cry easily, at all. But watching my little girl walk down the aisle was just too much. She did a wonderful job and looked gorgeous, even though her beautiful curls had fallen out. But her behavior by the end of the wedding...well, it had been a long day. The last picture in the slide show pretty much sums it up. Her first lollipop ever, consumed when there were tears in her eyes. She was not a happy girl. Hungry, tired, and fed up with all the attention. Yesterday, Tarrah asked Eve how being a flower girl was, and Eve's answer "It's hard work!" was so true. Both the kids were in bed Saturday night by 6:12pm and they slept until 8:15am the next morning. And the same for last night and this morning.

The wedding was gorgeous, and what a stellar day weather-wise. Leigh and Andy were both glowing and their love and devotion was so evident, I was very proud to have my daughter be in their wedding. Eve, on the other hand, was just thrilled to have gold sparkling shoes. She couldn't keep her dress down, she kept lifting up the skirts and looking at those shoes. Everyone she talked to was shown her shoes and her lip gloss. She did stop looking at her shoes long enough to do her flower girl duties, and do them well. She spread her flowers all down the aisle, but realizing she still had more petals in her basket, turned around and started spreading them back up the aisle. Thorough, very thorough.

And now, we recover. It might take awhile, especially for my feet. High heels and pregnancy aren't the best combo.

** I forgot got to mention originally that my mom made Eve's dress. She did a beautiful job - there were essentially eight layers of dress to sew through! The very thought of that makes me sick. I did not inherit the sewing gene. At all.
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