Nap time around our house is sacred. I don't skip those two quiet hours as a general rule. Though I still can't quite figure out who needs it more - me or the kids - I'm thinking it is me. Judah totally passes out each time; Eve on the other hand still naps once in awhile, but more often than not though she just quietly plays in her room.
I know many mothers use naptime to catch up on housework, make dinner, etc. but not this mother. Nap time is Andrea time. I am completely selfish for two hours. I eat my lunch, read, blog, sleep. Basically anything I want to do. Sometimes I just need to flop on the couch and sit there for a little while.
For me, the most enjoyable part of nap time is the quiet. I thrive on quiet. I am not an extrovert in any sense of the word. Being around people, while I thoroughly enjoy it, exhausts me - Daniel and Eve on the other hand - it energizes them. So naptime is my time to recharge, to regroup and pull myself together for the second half of my day with the kids.
And I think it is really important for the kids as well. We all need a break from each other. Eve needs some quiet time to use her imagination, to play with the toys Judah has tried to jack from her all day long, to color - create. Judah on the other hand simply needs sleep. Otherwise, he's a bear. And not a teddy bear either - he's a growling, angry, tired bear. No fun at all.

How do you deal with nap time at your house? I read a blog awhile ago that said she also does a quiet hour in the middle of her morning. She gates the kids in their rooms and takes that hour to do housework alone. This is in addition to nap time. Interesting...

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