Meet David and Sam

These are my brothers... my very, very goofy brothers. Okay, so we're all goofy but they just aren't as pretty as me so their goofiness stands out more. Ha! David is on the left - he's a giant. Sam is on the right and he's, well, Sam.

The reason for this post is for me to moan and groan about how much I miss my brother David. He's active duty Air Force, like us, and stationed in Okinawa, Japan so I never get to see him. And I really miss him. A lot. Right now he's deployed to parts unknown, or at least not talked about in an open forum like this, working on jets. And I wish he wasn't. I wish he was sitting in my living room having a beer with Daniel, playing with the kids, cuddling the new baby, and I could be feeding him good home-cooked food. And I might tickle him every once in awhile just so I could hear his squeaky laugh.

I got an e-mail from him this morning and he sounds like he's doing really good, but the conditions he' s living in are... eh, not so good. As in camping type of conditions. And the food is horrid he says. I have a big bowl of meat marinating away in my fridge for beef jerky that has his name on it. And I might make up some caramel popcorn if I am feeling especially energized. It is his birthday in a few days, not that it would get to him in time, but the thought.... that's what counts right? If anyone would like his address to send him some goodies or a card just click on that e-mail me button on the left column of our blog and let me know. He's going to be there for awhile.

So, my dear brother whom I tortured for many, many years, I love you! I miss you! Eve misses you! Daniel misses you! Be safe! Come home and visit, would ya already! And bring me some of those beautiful Japanese dishes and a bottle of pineapple wine, pretty please!
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