My Simplified Life
You know, the thing about a schedule is that you actually have to follow it for it to work. So far, the last two days have not been spent following my very simple, realistic, and with lots of room for error schedule. It's been blown out of the water. And I, surprisingly, have been okay with that.

When I came up with this particular "general" schedule I did so with my sanity in mind. For my sanity I need a schedule... at least guidelines to tell me how my day is going to look. I don't do well with unstructured time. I hate looking back on my day and thinking - what the heck did I actually do today?! But, I do understand every day comes with it's own set of challenges - I have three children four and under - I need to be flexible. So today I didn't even pay attention to that sheet of paper. I didn't feel like it. I slept until I woke up, I ate a stack of pancakes with the kids, danced around the livingroom with the baby and Eve to "Liza Jane", went on a walk and laughed with the kids as they jumped in every single puddle (and kicked myself for not bringing the camera!!), talked with the neighbors who came barreling out of their houses to see the baby, answered a thousand questions from Eve regarding the "Classic" who is Dolly Parton( I love youtube!)...

"Do Classics get married, Mama?"

"Classics are very beautiful, aren't they Mama?"

"Why did the Classic hug that man?"

My day today has been filled to the brim with unscheduled life and I have enjoyed it very much. So while I firmly believe that for me having a schedule - albeit a loose one - is a very good thing, I need to be able to take life as it comes. Because sometimes watching my daughter sing her heart out to "Liza Jane" using a baster for a microphone could very well be the best part of my day. And that isn't on my schedule anywhere.

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