Good-bye Mom...Hello 2008

My mom leaves tomorrow. And there is great fear in my heart. Will I be able to do this? I know I will be able to survive, but will I be able to accomplish it all well? I don't want to let my kids down by being grumpy from lack of sleep, or not have the energy to do the simple things like playing with them or perhaps even making dinner. Going to the store by myself with the kids... oh glory, that thought is just too much right now. Reality is coming and I face it with much fear and trepidation. But yet I am kind of excited too. I want and need to prove to myself that I can indeed do this. It may not always be pretty but I will accomplish it.
My mom has worked her can off while she's been here to make the transition easier. She's made meals- as in 84 of Barb's burritos for Daniel- along with many other meals to help me out on those tough days. She's done laundry and dishes and just generally taken care of us. It has been WONDERFUL. But it has to end.

We have four more months here, where Daniel usually works until 7:30 or 8 o'clock at night in a very stressful environment - that schedule and stress, I know, will slowly ruin me now with the three kids. It was exhausting enough with the two. But he recently committed to me to come home much earlier.... I only hope he really can. It's amazing the difference in knowing he'll be coming home a couple of hours earlier can make on my outlook. In my humble and non-official Air Force opinion he deserves a few months of not having to nearly kill himself - after four years of this job I think he should be able to ease up a bit. Except I don't know if he even remembers how to not work like a horse anymore. What I do know is his work ethic is incredible. But exhausting.

So, tomorrow my new year begins..... it holds a new baby, a major move, a girl entering kindergarten (oh my heart!), a husband starting a new job. So many huge life changes. I think I may need to "up" my sense of humor.... I have a feeling I am really going to need it.

Only by God's grace will I be victorious.
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