Good Morning, Sunshine....
Do you have any memories from being woken up in the morning? Did your mom or dad have a special way of helping you greet the day? Oh, I do. And it's very special and quite memorable. Scarring as well.

I remember my mom standing at the bottom of my stairs and calling to me with these sweet words:

"Rise and shine, An- diahrea "

Why oh why she had to pick a intestinal disorder to change my name into, and then wake me up with it in the morning, I'll never know. But she did. I really think she may have scarred me. For life.

But I digress...

This morning I woke up to this in my fridge

And these on my piano

I had been completely out of butter! And I get a little panicky when I run out of something as crucial as butter. I mean what was I going to put on the kid's bagels, or grease the egg pan with, or, or, OR! But Daniel saved the day. Like always. And he even gave me some bright colorful flowers to make me smile. I am ALL about color, but you already know that, don't you.

I must say this was a much more pleasant way to wake up rather than hearing "An-diahrea!!!" That's just not pleasant, not pleasant at all.
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