Happiness is....
You know what I love? I love making dinner in the morning. I find such happiness while creating a meal in the bright sun beams that stream through my kitchen window. The kids are (usually) happy and playing well, some kind of music is playing and I'm feeling good. I wish I had the freedom to bake and cook to my heart's content but all too soon someone's booty needs to be cleaned, or the baby must be fed, laundry needs to be switched from washer to dryer, and suddenly I find that the tyranny of the urgent has taken over. But for now, I will enjoy the fragrance the pot roast emits as it cooks itself into a delightful state of being in my oven. And I'll enjoy the thoughtless afternoon I can have - not having to think about dinner because it requires so little from me today. All I need to do is make a quick spinach salad with grated carrots, cauliflower, and cranberries to go along with homemade balsamic vinegar dressing. And a side of garlic mashed potatoes. Perhaps I'll even make some steamed cabbage if I am feeling especially sassy. Or Irish.

Since all three are sleeping I am off to read a chapter in my new book "The Mom Walk" by Sally Clarkson. Should be good...

P.S. Just so you don't get the impression that my life is charmed.... Eve had a major meltdown/tantrum/crying episode this morning that lasted a good hour. It was ugly. And while I stayed quite calm on the outside, on the inside I felt like crying. Sometimes it's so hard to stick to my guns.
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