P.S.... Daniel found the cord
The visit was only for an hour, maybe a bit longer, but it was awesome. To see the happiness in my great-grandfather's face, to feel the strength and love in his hugs, to hear his blessing on Daniel and I.... it was an afternoon well spent. Eliza may have cried and carried on while in Grandaddy's arms, but with him being deaf.... he didn't hear a thing. He did his best to console her, eventually she calmed down and even talked to him a bit.
I don't know how long he will walk on this earth, or if this was the last time we will see him in this life; I tried to enjoy every moment we had with him. I am blessed to have him be my great-grandfather.

Is there anyone in your life you feel this way about? I love to hear about the incredible influences in other's lives. The people who have left a mark that can't be erased. Who is that for you?

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