Come, walk with me

Daniel and I love to take walks together. We always have, and I am sure we always will. It's where we get our best talking done.
I have been loving how a few of the other blogs I read have a weekly wrap up. I want to have that time here on my blog too, so here we go.....

Come walk with me, won't you?

Wow, it's been quite the week!

We left Vermont Saturday night at 10pm. It was so hard to say good-bye to our best friends, Sam and Tarrah. When do you find friends where the husbands are best friends and the wives are best friends? It's not all that often. I am afraid that the distance won't be kind. But, I am determined. I am nothing if not a loyal friend, so I will make the effort needed to stay close.

I have never been so tired as I was Saturday night, Okay, the night I labored with Eve definitely takes the cake but surely Saturday night was the runner-up. Daniel and I were completely toasted. We pulled over in the parking area of a closed gas station at a little after 11pm, we slept for an hour and half - we just couldn't drive another mile. It felt like we were asleep for only a minute! The sleep sure helped but that was one looooong night, I tell ya. We got to my grandparents house at 4:30 am Sunday and crashed til 9:30 am. We took it real easy that day - we enjoyed the peace and quiet their home afforded us. Oh, and watched golf. I don't even like golf. But I did that day!

Monday was good- we went to visit my great-grandparents in Syracuse, took the kids to the mall (where I was most definitely shown discrimination from a woman at Claire's because of a choice Daniel and I made. To say I was hopping mad would be an understatement), tried to ride the carousel, but it closed for lunch one minute before we got to it. Darn.
Of course we checked out H&M, because I love that store. We got the cutest hat for Eliza, another newsboy hat for Judah, and silver sandals for Eve. I got nothing. Darn, again.

Monday night my Grandma Chips made Eve strawberry shortcake for her birthday.

I am totally loving this multiple birthday party thing we've got going on here. My sweet tooth is very happy. After dinner we went on a walk; it was wonderful. Really, really wonderful.

Quiet, crisp, refreshing, and beautiful.

Tuesday was Daniel's last day as a recruiter. That was one happy boy who drove into Syracuse.

I am so incredibly proud of him. Truly. He left recruiting in Vermont with an excellent reputation amongst the parents, the teachers of the schools he went into, the recruiters he worked with, and his recruits. He, without a doubt, gave many of those young men and women a real chance at having a good life.
Quite a few came from somewhat desperate circumstances, some just needed a chance, others were well off, but all were given the opportunity to do great things and to be a part of something bigger than themselves. I am, and will always be, proud of the work Daniel did as a recruiter.
Tuesday afternoon we left Gram and Poppie's for my mom and dad's house. The kids are becoming great at riding in the car. But, I must say, I am deeply indebted to whoever came up with the idea to make DVD players for the car. Praise and halleluiah! We stopped at the park in Cazenovia (Caz - to those who are from around there) and took many, many pictures of the children freezing their cute booties off.

We also stopped at the mall again so the kids could ride the carousel - no shopping though. Boooring.

Eventually we got to mom and dad's. Just in time for dinner - do we have our timing down or what!

Wednesday Daniel and my Dad went off to work. They made some great strides in the masonry work on a chimney my Dad is building. Good, hard stone-work. Daniel was a happy boy! He was thrilled to be working with his hands - but besides, it was a beautiful day to be outside.
I went to the salon; Jason wielded his magic scissors and Lisa her magic color brush. Yay! It was so nice to have the opportunity to do that again before we head off to New Mexico.
The kids and I enjoyed the rest of the day - rest time, dinnertime, and outside time. It was a good day.

Thursday we spent with Daniel's parents. We rode the carousel at the mall here in town, had a picnic in the park, enjoyed a good dinner, and played at the park down by the lake. It was such a beautiful day. I completely enjoyed having the windows down on the van while we drove around - feeling the warm air whooshing through my hair is so wonderful. I was pretty stinkin' tired of freezing my butt off Much later that night Daniel and I did a midnight run to Wegmans and Walmart - it was a blast. I love hanging out with my husband - we laughed and yawned and groaned about how hungry we were. It was a good time together.

Friday was the sad day. Friday Daniel and my Dad left for New Mexico. "Bessie" the van needed to get herself down there, so Daniel volunteered to drive her. Nice guy. The sad part came when Daniel had to leave. I hate being without him. I'm just no good without my other half, you know? Amazingly I didn't cry. I always cry when he leaves, but this time I didn't. I don't even know why! We'll see him on Wednesday when we fly in. Yay!!
Daniel and Dad made it to Ohio that night. Wright-Patterson AFB to be exact. You just can't beat 37 dollars a night for a hotel room. The boys are having a blast together - they went bowling that night, Dad won 2 out of 3, but Daniel is determined to beat him yet. We'll see!
I took the kids to the park and we enjoyed the beautiful night. We stayed too long, but then we always do. They have so much fun, and I hate telling them it's time to go. But, no harm done. Dinner was just a little late, that's all.

Saturday.... it was hot! My body isn't use to the heat yet! It was a steller day weather-wise. Gorgeous, gorgeous sun! The kids played their little hearts out - I took them to a park in the town I grew up in. What a fun time we had! Judah LOVES to swing, which is mainly what he did. But, he did discover the slide and spent a whole lot of time on that. Then... he discovered the other slide. It was all over after that. "Ooooh Mama! This slide is super fast!" he said to me. I live for the smile that came with that statement. It lights up my life. The funniest part of the day was when Eve was telling me which arm was her left and which was her right.

"This is my right arm.... and this is my left?" she said to me.

I answered with "Right, honey" then I realized what I did.

"Wait! That's correct, I mean"

A very funny, confusing conversation.

Ok, it was funny to me.

By Saturday night Daniel and Dad had made it to Missouri - Fort Leanord-Wood. Bowled again. I didn't get the official score, but it didn't sound good for Daniel.... yet. He's got a couple more nights to redeem himself!

And that was our week. In a nutshell. Believe me, I could've gone on and on. But I like you, so I didn't. Will our Sunday walks always be this long? Yes ma'am. They will. Because I like to talk - alot.

A+ for honesty, right?!

Thanks for walking with me!!

Oh, and by the way, George is still alive. Just thought you'd like to know.
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