Come, walk with me....
Another week has passed... I even have a name for this week, I'm calling it "the week in between." It feels like we are in limbo, probably because we are. We spent this week just chilling. Well, except for Monday.

Monday was house picking out day. It felt so good knowing that part of life is settled. My Mom and Dad were still here in New Mexico with us - they spent that day getting ready to leave for New York. Not much else happened - picking out the house felt monumental and as if we didn't have to accomplish another thing that day. So, we didn't.

Tuesday Daniel took my parents to Albuquerque, a three and a half hour drive, one way. He actually likes the drive, and I'd have to agree. It's beautiful, and it certainly doesn't feel as long as it is.
Daniel, being the good man is he, did some major shopping for me while he was there. All he wanted was some ice cream from the health food store. Guess what he forgot? Yeah, the ice cream. I felt terrible!
Back on base, I was hanging with the little ankle biters. We went to the library and the Commissary. We played at the playground multiple times and ate leftovers. It was a good day. It was a very quiet, peaceful day that I enjoyed very much.

Wednesday.... we tried to go to Lubbock. But it didn't work. We just couldn't get it together. It was one of those days. Not a bad day, just a laid back, let's not rush around kind of day.

It was incredibly windy out Wednesday. It was kind of chilly too. A good day to hunker down inside, which is exactly what we did. I made a yummy stir fry ( it's so Americanized that I don't know if it could even be called a stir fry. Whatever it is it sure is delicious! And easy - I like easy.) and I wanted to make pudding... but I didn't. We ate leftover birthday cake instead. Delicious!

Are you bored yet?

Thursday was Lubbock day. We eventually left town - it took foooorever because we had a zillion piddly little errands to run. We all were aggravated by the time we actually left and I had a headache. There were many tender moments. Ahem.

Daniel and I both really liked Lubbock. Plenty of shopping, pretty houses, an easy town to navigate. I think we'll be over in Lubbock quite a bit because our town has very little to offer shopping-wise. It's funny, I thought that the lack of shopping here would really bother me, but it doesn't. It does make me feel better knowing that if I want some good shopping, it's only a little ways down the road.
We unfortunately weren't able to hit all the stores we wanted to because it got late, but we'll be back. On our way home Daniel and I watched a beautiful sun set. It was completely amazing. It had been a very windy day and the air was filled with dust, this affected the appearance of the sun by making it just kind of disappear. We never actually saw it set. While the sun was still up it was gorgeous - we could look directly at it without squinting - it was a huge, dark yellow ball. I've never experienced anything like it before! I am having a blast living somewhere so different.

Friday was a stunning day. Warm, soft breezes, sunny. It was great. I went for a long walk with Eve and Eliza in the stroller, followed by some library time. I adore the library on base. It's so well kept, easy to navigate, and clean. The books are beautiful and there is plenty of comfy spaces to read. Eve and I curled up on a couple of bean bags in the children's room and read together. It was such a nice time. We walked back to TLF, well, I walked and Eve skipped.

Is there anything more quintessential of childhood than skipping underneath a summer sun?

We left shortly afterwards to go to the Friday night service at church. It's so awesome what they do - it's called Friday night date night. There is a church service followed by extended childcare so the parents can go out on a date. How cool is that?! I can tell Friday nights are going to be our favorite night of the week. We scoped out some nice patio furniture, because we have a patio now. Hurray!

And as if the night could've gotten any better, we ate BLTs at 10:30 while we watched a movie together. It was so fun!

Saturday was another gorgeous day. We headed over to our new house to talk to our neighbors. We are buying their backyard fence - they are moving and were selling it. It was providential that we happened to see the woman out in her yard while we were checking out the house on Monday. I wanted a fenced in back yard so badly, but the housing we had chosen was the only type without an already fenced in back yard. I've spent the last five years chasing around small children while outside playing - I am definitely going to appreciate having my yard fenced in. Especially with another "escapee" up and coming.

After some much needed naptime we all went out for a long walk around base. It was such fun!

Eve and I walked, while Daniel pushed Eliza and Judah in the stroller. This was our first walk as a family around base. When we were stationed at Grand Forks AFB we went on walks round the base all the time. I have wonderful memories of those times. It was especially amazing to walk together last night - as a family of five instead of three.

Eve and I picked a few stunning roses we found growing by empty houses.

The kids played their little hearts out on the playground,

We found an awesome ceder tree to play under

If I had lived near a tree like this while growing up, I would've played underneath it every single day. It was truly awesome!

Saw beautiful birds, and just enjoyed being our little family. It was a wonderful evening!

Today was church and naps, and then some more church. We fit a walk in the middle of all that which included playing at two playgrounds.

This is Eve flipping out because the stroller was being pushed away by the wind. "Juuudah! We'll save you!"

Military bases are great about having lots of playgrounds for the kids. And really nice ones too. The kids are loving going to a new playground every day. We checked on our little Dove friend - she was faithfully sitting on her eggs still.

Eve was picked on again tonight at church - the same kids threw rocks at her when she came down the slide. She dealt with it exactly the way we talked to her about which made us very proud but... something is going to change. Proactive is definitely our approach, because this is unacceptable.

Overall it was a pretty uneventful week, but those kind are nice to have once in awhile. I am certain next week will make up for this week. And all the fun starts tomorrow, for it is moving in day!

Thanks for coming along on another walk with me. Same place, same time next week? I can assure you that one will be much more exciting!
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