This is the second day in a row it has happened. My sweet Eve has gotten picked on by other children. I knew this was going to happen to her at some point in life, but I still hate it. In fact I want to go up one side and down the other of each of these children. I am so angry at them. This is my girl they were messing with!

Yesterday two kids were pushing her on the playground, today a girl was telling her she was mean, and calling her "cardboard pants/poopy pants." I didn't realize what was happening at first, but then I looked up to see the girl with her hands cupped calling my sweet Eve names. I promptly told the girl to stop being mean. "Okay" she said and ran off.


Unfortunately her parents weren't around so I had no immediate recourse. I gathered Eve and Eliza up and we headed back to our TLF room. There Daniel and I talked with her about the correct way to deal with that sort of thing.
It broke my heart to see her sad - she didn't understand why that girl would call her mean names or why she would even be mean in the first place. She didn't understand why the kids last night were pushing her either. But she did tell us that she didn't like it. Well, me either. And I'll bet I didn't like it more.

Now Eve knows how to deal with mean kids. She has the tools to defend herself. And she knows Daddy will come to her defense if she needs him to. I hope it all helps, but I hope more that it never happens again.
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