Customer Service. Is it a thing of the past?
So, I hung up on a woman today.

The woman made me mad! And I started stumbling over my words because I was mad. That's what I do when I get mad, I stumble - it's a beautiful thing, let me tell you. The picture of eloquence, yup, that's me.

I was calling a health food store in Lubbock, Texas this morning. I wanted to know whether they would fill a special order, and who they ordered from. The first lady I spoke with was very snappy to me, cut me off and put me on hold. For a long time. The second lady was ruder, she talked to me like I was a piece of scum she was trying to wipe off the bottom of her shoe. And here I was asking if I could please give them my business. Of all things.

So, I kindly, in my stumbling way told the lady she was being very rude to me, to have a nice day and then I hung up. Then I was mad, because I had questions and I needed answers, but I had just hung up on the lady and I certainly wasn't about to call her back. I know, very mature.

All that to say, what in the world has happened to customer service? Where is the respect? I'm not asking for people to bow down and worship the ground I walk on, but please, do treat me the way you would want to be treated. I teach my kids that because I feel that is the right way of living. And I expect the same when I am dealing with merchants. I am giving them my money and I would like to be treated as such.

My next call was to a health food store in Amarillo. That lady was kind to me, she answered my questions and because of that she will get my business. It's too bad for the Lubbock lady - I spend a whole lot of money at the health food store.

Can I just say that there are a few places I have dealt with that have incredible customer service. Like USAA - awesome, awesome, awesome. Costco - they rock the customer service world. Wegmans - no questions asked, just make that customer happy. Whole Foods - they bend over backwards for their customers! Amazon - I have yet to experience anything less than excellent customer service from Amazon. And I've been a frequent shopper for three years (like, the UPS guy and I, we were totally tight. Like exchanging secret family recipes -kind of tight).

Let me know if you have had some great customer service lately - I'd love to know so I can support them with my business.

Phooey on the Lubbock lady!
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