Laughing 'til I cry...

I believe I failed to mention that my brother and his girlfriend are here visiting (!!!). We are all so excited and are having way too much fun. I have laughed so hard I cried, I've stayed up too late, I've eaten some really good food, and had 15,000 photos taken of me in rapid succession (my brother is mildly obsessed with my camera).

Last night we sat out on the patio and played Uno, the smoke from the fire pit made my eyes sting but I didn't care I was having such a great time. We played only two games, the second one lasting approximately 2 hours, 14 minutes and 28 seconds. It was insane. While we were out there we were viciously attacked by giant moths, I nearly tipped the table over 12 times, and laughed my butt off at my husband who, for nearly the entire second game, held half the deck in his hands. Such a good time.

We all woke up early this morning to a wild and crazy rain/wind storm. I have never, in my entire life seen wind blow so hard, nor rain beat down like it did. I was scared! I could feel my house moving. Not the greatest feeling in the world, to say the least. (Have I ever mentioned I am scared of thunder and lightening? 'Cause I am. It was doing that too.) I finally fell back to sleep and when I woke up I saw blue skies, big puffy clouds, and a slight breeze ruffling the trees. It was so weird.

Now I am off to continue to enjoy my brother's visit. I so wish we could all be stationed at the same base... That would rock my world.
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