Dessert for Dinner: Take 5 - Cream Puffs
Dessert for Dinner time once again. And this week... Cream Puffs. You know I've been craving Cream Puffs for almost two weeks now.

My original plan was to tackle and be victorious over Boston Cream Pie. But, I had only half the eggs I needed.
The thought of taking three kids to the store was not a pleasant one, besides my hands were aching at the thought of typing the recipe(s) out for you. Which I totally will, by the way. Everyone, everyone should eat homemade, made from scratch, Boston Cream Pie before they die. Otherwise, I am pretty sure your taste buds will hate you forever (but will that matter if you're dead??) and, more importantly, your life really wasn't lived.

I stood at my counter for a little while trying to decide what to make. I sought counsel from Julia Child's Baking with Julia, and The Joy of Cooking but came up empty. I remembered that I have a ton of nectarines. I thought perhaps I could make something with those. But nah, totally not in the mood for a fruity dessert.

It was then I realized I was still craving Cream Puffs. A quick glance over the recipe and I determined I was good to go.

Cream Puffs for the neighbors
(Who had never had any before. What??!!)

Such a good idea. They were absolutely fantastic. Daniel said the best yet. Eve inhaled six all on her own. She informed me they were delicious! And I "followed the recipe!"

Why, yes child, I did. Kind of... I have issues with leaving well enough alone when it comes to food preparation.

Judah ended dinner with pastry cream in his eyebrows. I guess that's compliment enough for me.

Cream Puffs for us

It was an excellent Dessert for Dinner night. Who's coming over next Thursday?
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