Wordless Wednesday With A Twist: Summertime

It's WWWAT time again! And the theme for this week is "Summertime." I've never had summer like I am having it this year - it is fantastic.
One of the most enjoyable parts of the New Mexico summer, that I have found, are the storms. They are intense and vibrant, they sneak up on you and strike with such intensity! Which is pretty exciting and fun unless you happen to be riding your motorcycle home from work...
Poor Daniel

We all know that summer storms, once they are over, often times give us a rainbow.
Tonight was no exception!

I wish I could show you the whole sky. It was beautiful.

My roses are loving the rain! I am seeing less of the "bloom and fry" going on. Our walkway smells lovely!

But we all know the very best part of the after storm is the puddles. Especially when you're five and two. It is the definition of fun!

Happy Summertime!

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