Let's Talk Army Wives, Military Life, and Fraternization...
I've got a few questions that are swirling around in my mind... And I know, Army Wives is a fictional show. But, still... the questions need answers.

First off - Is the Army really that close knit?

The wives seemed to become friends instantly. I've lived in the Air Force for nearly ten years now - on base and off - and it is not like that. Or at least for me it's not. There is a certain amount of instant camaraderie that occurs but not to the degree that is shown between these Army wives.

And another thing- I am wondering about the fraternization. Is it not as defined in the Army? Because it - as far as I have seen on this base - is pretty defined between wives in the Air Force. I just can't see myself, no matter how cute and sassy I may be, hob knobin' it with the base commander's wife. Ya know?

And the houses on the Army post in the show - I love how they are close and the kids all play in the yard together. But is that normal? We have some of that here, between the kids, but the houses aren't that close. And the wives don't sit out and chat together. Though I am all for that. My neighbors barely come out of their houses!

So, my fellow Air Force wives, and Army wives, and Navy Wives, and Marine Wives, and Coast Guard wives... you know I love you all... Tell me how it really is.

Oh, and I just started the second season so don't go spoiling anything for me... okay!

A gratuitous picture of our littlest Air Force "brat"
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