Judah and Eliza
When Daniel and I decided we wanted to have a third child I did the math in my head.

"Ok, if I get pregnant right away Judah will be two and Eve will be four and a half. Hmmm."

Well, it turns out I did get pregnant right away. This made Eliza and Eve four years and eight months apart, and Eliza and Judah two years and one month.

During my pregnancy I wondered and hoped that if we had another girl, Eve and her sister would be close. But I had some doubts. My brother and I are four and a half years apart; growing up we weren't all that close. It's better now, but there was definitely an apparent age difference during our early years.

I knew that if I had another boy he and Judah would be very close. This was an exciting prospect to me though I knew I would be in for some major trouble once the two of them were old enough to conspire! As much as I wanted that close bond brothers have, for Judah's sake, I really, really longed for another daughter. Oh, I wanted another daughter so badly. Just ask Tarrah; I said it so many times I think she probably wanted to stick her fingers in her ears and sing "lalalalalalala."

It's funny now how I never really thought about whether or not, if this baby was a girl, if she and Judah would be close. But now, there is no doubt. They completely adore each other. No one can make Eliza stop crying faster than Judah, not even me. She has a special smile just for him; she looks at him with a look of complete rapture. For her, he holds the moon. He is her protector, her guardian, her comic. He loves her with all the love a two year old boy's heart can hold. Watching the two of them interact is one of the greatest blessings of my life.
I am looking forward to the years ahead; of watching from the sidelines as the three of them grow up together. What more could a mother ask for than to have children who adore each other.


Judah was in time-out and Eliza was waiting and watching for him to come back to her.


Whoo-hoo! He's released from time-out!!
( I know! Couldn't you just eat her with a spoon??)


Here is a toy!


I love you, Lu-Lu.
(In Judah-speak it sounds more like: I wuv you, Uu Uu)



Kisses are better than toys any day!


But toys are great too, though...



But kisses.... those are way better.


Love you, Judah.

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