Off She Goes...

Eve started Kindergarten on Monday! It was all that she had anticipated and more. Everyone had warned me that I was going to cry, my heart would be broken, I would be totally lost... But I didn't cry, my heart was happy, and it all felt completely natural. I think I got all the sadness out when Eve went to pre-school. She was so ready for Kindergarten; she has been completely bored here at home. Hanging out all day every day with a baby and a two year old can be such a drag, you know! Especially when you are almost five and a half and so ready for life to begin! Eve has never had any attachment issues so when we got to her classroom she walked over to her desk, sat down, and began her day. It was a true joy to walk away knowing she was happy, content, and exactly where she was suppose to be.

Eve came home Monday afternoon and filled Daniel and me in on all the details. It was fantastic! I remember when I was school age, sitting down at the bar in my mom's kitchen, eating a snack and chatting about my day. I hope that Eve and I will always have that type of relationship. I never went through the 'my mom is such a dork and there is no way I want to be seen with her' stage. I begged her to go on our field trips, to come shop with me and my friends, to just be with me. And my friends all loved her too. It probably didn't hurt that she made the most delicious food for us. Oh, and that she truly was a dork. She made everything FUN. I want to be like that.

As a challenge for all you mothers of school age children.... I picked up an excellent tip from Sandy over at 4 Reluctant Entertainers. She, along with some other mothers, bring their children's teacher a dinner - I can't remember if it was once a month or what - just to bless them. I decided that I was going to do that also. I talked with Eve's teacher and offered this idea to her. She jumped on it! So, twice a month - every other Tuesday - I will be bringing her a dinner. My first night was last night. I hope it blessed her as much as it blessed me to be able to do it for her. My goal is to get at least one more mother to participate in this with me. I'd like to have one dinner a week brought to Eve's teacher. Won't you consider doing this for your children's teacher? It's not hard - I just made an extra serving of what I was already making. And the best part - my dinner was prepared by 3 o'clock in the afternoon! I had such a relaxing evening because my dinner was all ready to eat when 5:30 rolled around.

Here is to the next 12 years....

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