Daddy is Comin' Home!
It's been a long two weeks. Daniel has been TDY to Sheppard AFB for some extra training and I have been here, slugging it out. I know, it's not a deployment, but still when your husband is gone, your husband is gone.

The first week was tough. Seriously tough. Lots of catastrophes, lots of sleepless nights, lots of loneliness. Thankfully the kids were absolute angels. They hovered right around incredible with their behavior. This week was easier - no major injuries, nothing terribly bad happened, and I got a lot more sleep. And, thankfully, it went by fairly quickly.

Now we are all eagerly awaiting the sound of Daniel's motorcycle pulling in. We have missed him! The kids have been excited all day long - wishing for dinner time to hurry up and get here. They have no concept of time, but they do know that when it's dinner time Daddy will be home.

By the way, I am making this for dinner. Oh, it is all kinds of delicious! We are having ours on mashed potatoes instead of a roll. Such an easy, delicious meal. Cheap too!

C'mon Babe! Eat up those miles... we can hardly wait!

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