One is Silver and the Other Gold

I started reading Kim's blog a long time ago. Or, it seems that way. We were both pregnant and I loved reading about another woman who was just as pregnant as I was.
Kim gave birth to Noah just one day after I gave birth to Judah; we navigated the early newborn days together. The only thing was, she didn't know it. I was watching but not interacting. And I had no idea what I was missing out on! I do now, because two plus years later we have a great friendship. And I love her. Someday we will meet, but until then e-mails and phone calls are just fine.


Today we received a package from Kim, a package full of purple tulle. A purple tulle tu-tu for Eve and a purple tulle tu-tu for Eliza. There is no way a tu-tu could be any sweeter than the ones she sent to my girls. Their eyes fairly glowed with excitement and anticipation. I helped the girls slip into their respective tu-tu, wrapped the purple ribbon around each head, and then watched the dramatic change from little girl to fairy take place. It was spectacular!


The girls flounced and danced in the breezes (Eliza had a little help from me, of course), the wind swirled the tulle around creating magic. Suddenly an ordinary afternoon turned into glorious fun! We found a unoccupied grassy yard and imaginations came alive!


We played until everyone was too tired to play any longer. Thank you Kim for the beautiful gifts - my gift from you brought tears to my eyes. I will treasure it forever. Thank you for being my friend; for making me laugh, making me think, for answering all my stupid camera questions, for understanding what my life truly looks like, and for praying for me.


We may not be old friends but I still consider you gold.

*Post from 1 year ago today: Unexpected Visitors Be Warned
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