Test Driving Cloth Diapers

Hey Mama! I'm not so sure about this... Did you notice she has roller skates on?


I've been thinking on it and thinking on it. Finally, I decided why the heck not. I ordered three Bum Genius diapers from Amazon last week.

So far.... not so thrilled. Each time Eliza has worn the cloth diaper she has leaked. And her diaper was on for approximately two hours. That seems short to me, though I do understand cloth diapers won't hold as much for as long as disposables. If I was bored, sitting around twittling my thumbs just wishing for some laundry to pile up so I could wash it and give myself something to do already, the leaking would be an okay thing. But, I'm not bored and I have dirty laundry coming out of my ears. Besides all that, a leaky diaper is not my idea of fun.

I do like how soft them are and how easy and fast the diapers go on, but mostly I just like the way her cute little tush looks in a cloth diaper.

Eventually, over time, the cost of cloth v. disposables would even out and then swing in favor of the cloth, but as far as right now.... I'm just not sold.

Next up is the Fuzzi Bunz. I have heard really great things about that particular brand of cloth. We'll see.

And don't even try to deny it... I know you are all riveted.

*Post from 1 year ago: "Hanging out with the cool kids who actually camped"
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