So, I love my hair.
I really do love my hair. I personally think it rocks. It's so fun and funky and RED.

Anyone pick up on that yet?

I jest.

It's my little bit of rebelliousness. I, by nature, am a rule follower. I try to pretend I'm all hard and tough but I'm really not. It's smoke. Daniel just laughs at me.

If a sign says: Do this. You can bet I'm going to 'Do this.' I get uncomfortable with not following the rules. But when it comes to my hair... I broke the rules. My dad, when I came home for the first time with my hair bright red, told me to go stand down on the corner in place of the stop sign.

Yeah, it was pretty funny. Later.

I think he nearly had a heart attack when he saw me. His good, little, sweet daughter off doing cah-razy things with her hair. It was so not like me! But, heck, I could have picked something a lot worse.


Rubbing shoulders with other moms dropping off their kids at school has really made me stick out. Here I am, the one taking my daughter to school in my fuschia leggings and my bright red hair. I hope I don't embarrass her. But, I like color. And I can't help it, I just love funk. I don't want to be weird, but I also don't want to make myself into someone I'm not just so I can look like everyone else. I do wonder if it makes other's first impression of me tainted. Like I am some strange, crazy mother.


I'm heading into my tenth year of having red hair. I took a year break when Judah was a baby - I had a slight style hiccup - and went back to my natural brunette. But it was way too boring for me. Daniel missed it and so did I. He said he could never find me when we were out and about shopping! For me, there is no denying that I need the color - the funk - the fun! I know someday I will have to stop being RED but until then I enjoy every day I have as a redhead.


Something must have rubbed off in the womb, because Eve told me a couple of years ago that when she gets married she is going to have pink and purple hair. And would I dye it for her?

Don't worry baby, Mama's got that department covered.

*Post from 1 year ago today: Still Too Fresh and Wordless Wednesday "Foraging"
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