About Those Portraits...
Ya'll had some questions for me, didn't ya! I'll answer them since I am in a generous mood. I sure wasn't earlier! Something about a napless two year old, a very emotional five year old, a fussy nine month old, and a Daddy who had to go to school at 5:30 just didn't put me in a very giving mood. Now that Daddy is home (early, I might add!), and all of our children are asleep, my normal Andrea-ness is restored.

wanted to know if I print any of my pictures...

I do, occasionally. I have plans for printing a lot of them since I hit the jack pot in the frame department at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago.

Susie also wanted to know if I am the "mommy with red hair" at school.

I don't actually know. I think they probably call me "the baker" since I bring in something delicious and homemade every single Friday. But yeah, they probably do call me "the redheaded mommy." I can never stay anonymous with my hair this color!


A whole BUNCH of you wanted to know who took the pictures.

I did, with a tripod but without a cable release. It was me behind the camera... me running to the huddle... me hopping up... me running to the camera... me behind the camera... me running back to the huddle... rinse and repeat. I was exhausted by the end of it!!


Kim wanted to know my aperture.

It was set at 1.4 for all of them. Because it is so pretty that way. AND... there was golf stuff (the NERVE!) in the background that I didn't want to be seen.

Jen E wanted to know if I could fly to New England to take her family's portraits.

Jen, 6 months ago I wouldn't have had to fly because I was living in New England. Now I'm only a plane ticket away! {smile}

Boy, I sure am missing Vermont right now! The leaves, the cider, the fall smell, the maple syrup, the beautiful frosty mornings, the leaves, the leaves, the leaves.


A couple of you wanted to know how Daniel could get his face to look like it does.

He has a rubber face. Plain and simple.


And I love him deeply. Rubber face and all.

*Post from 1 year ago today: An Age Old Lesson for a Four Year Old
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