Yes, you can be VERY upset with me now...
I know, what is this? A photoblog??

Man, this is hard for me....

I let you down. I told you I was going to bring in the "Peace" picture to class but I didn't.

It was a last minute decision. I was having such a tough time picking just five pictures to take with me into class, I had to make the hard decision to let that one go. But, I couldn't NOT tell you. That would be lying.

Lying = Not cool.

I'm really sorry. I deeply appreciated all your votes and the time you took to comment. It meant SO much to me, just ask Daniel.

Will you forgive me?

Do you want to see the pictures I took with me... IF you're still here, that is. I may have alienated some readers. Darn.

Here they are in the order they were plastered on the huge screen:

The Blue Door:


The teacher liked it, but he said the lighting was too harsh. He said I should have waited until the whole door was in shade.

The Story Hands:


I'll tell you her story soon.
My teacher loved this one; he said, again, the lighting was a bit harsh but the detail. Oh, the detail... It was good.

Tire Stacks:


My teacher was thrilled that I thought to take a picture of tires (it was actually Daniel's idea). He said the composition was awesome and that over all it was a great picture. Thankyouverymuch.

Field of Wheat/Grass/Something:


Great reviews.

The Rancher's Wife:


She was beautiful on the big screen. Just beautiful. The only portrait of the whole night. He said she needed a little brighter lighting - but I think she's perfect. The problem is, he's the teacher and I'm not. So, next time I'll go for a little brighter lighting. She was a BIG hit. Except there is nothing big about her, except her heart, perhaps.
I'll tell you her story, too.

So, overall it was a good night. I was told my composition was right on, this made me feel better because I feel that is a really big struggle for me.

Seriously, I was so nervous; I thought I was going to puke. But, thankfully, I didn't. I must say, I am glad that's over.

But what's really important is: Are we still friends?

*Post from 1 year ago today: Part of you, Part of me
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