Finding Peace in the Glow
White is growing on me.

I can't believe I am at this place. I love color, I adore it. I can't get enough of it. But, these bright, white walls are growing on me.

I'm crazy.

I have always loved bright rooms; the more windows, the more light, the happier I am. I can't stand dark. Give me light! And I know, I can achieve a bright room with any number of paint colors. But, since deciding to not paint I have become peaceful with my white walls.


The brown curtains I just returned to Target were lovely. But, they made my livingroom so dark. I tried to love them, I really did. But, there was no gauzy, beautiful curtains fluttering in the breezes...


No beautiful sunshine shining through.


No sweet baby girl playing in the early morning dashes of sunshine.


I have white walls. And I like them. Someday I will have my own house; a house I can color up the wahzoo, and I will love that too. But, for now, I will be peaceful in my glowing home. And if I really need a douse of color I will go visit my friend April, who lives just down the curvy sidewalk. She has a beautiful, painted home.
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